Balsamic Vinegar with Thyme Honey - Euzoea
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Balsamic Vinegar with Thyme Honey

Euzoea Balsamic Vinegar with Thyme Honey is a gourmet and high-quality product and is the combination of Euzoea Balsamic Vinegar and Honey.It's creamy, caramelized texture enhances its zesty taste of sweet and sour. Its aroma blends swiftly with the full-bodied aroma of thyme honey. The result is a deliciously sharp, creamy, balsamic vinegar with high tones of sweetness and just the right number of sour undertones. This creates a wonderful balance especially when used raw on fruits, salads or on the side as a dip.Store in a cool and dark place to keep indefinitely.
250ml - $ 12
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