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Tips for Preparing a Successful Christmas Dinner Party!

Organising the Ultimate Christmas Dinner Party is far from easy, but it can become a smoother process by following some useful tips.

  1. Make a To-do List.  Several days before the event kicks off, take some time to think of all the things you need to make, buy, organise and create in order for the party to run smoothly. From comprising the menu to figuring out all the details of the decorations. You need to put a lot of thought and much planning into the things that need to be done. Jot them down on a paper and even schedule them in the right order. When you have scheduled everything, then embark on your shopping spree, preferably several days before the Dinner Party. This will not only keep you better organised, it will save you the trouble of going shopping during a very busy time of the year and you can always get better prices when shopping earlier.  You can even prepare some parts of the food ahead the big day so that you do not leave everything up to the last minute.
  2. Choose your Guests carefully. A proper Christmas Dinner Party should not be about many guests but it should be about the people who are close to your heart. The more the merrier is not the case when all preparations need to be done and be taken care of by one person. So keep that guest list short and add all the people who appreciate and find comfort in your company.
  3. Figure Out the Menu. Take into consideration the dietary habits of your guests. Make sure you create dishes that do not neglect their habits but on the contrary they show how well you wish to cater for their needs. Thus, you must create dishes which are meant for those who are vegetarian or vegan too. What is more, you need to decide whether you will have a buffet-style Dinner Party or a Seating one. If that is the case, then you also need to decide on how many courses your Dinner Party will be comprised of, what kind of meat you will be serving (will it be turkey, pork, fish or a vegetarian option like peas or mushrooms or maybe both?). Will it be finger food and small bites, salads and cold party food options or a more traditional homemade style meal?
  4. Select your Drinks Carefully. Next, you need to decide on the Wine and the Drinks accompanying the delicious food.  Give it more attention and even ask for help from an expert who will be able to recommend excellent wines and drinks to pair with your meal. A great Wine list doesn’t have to be very long. On the contrary, If you pair the food with the wine in a perfect culinary coordination, your Christmas Dinner Party will become one to remember due to its fantastic flavours. So have a choice of 2 or 3 Wines or an easy-to-make cocktail or some mulled cider with some extra spices in it. Luckily for us, there is a great variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.
  5. Drinks and DecorationsDecorations.  When it comes to creating a lovely Festive and welcoming, cosy atmosphere nothing is better than putting your personal taste and your personal touch into the decorations. Candles and tea lights create a lovely atmosphere and scattered Christmas balls on the table enhance the Festive spirit. Decide on the colours you wish to use and stick to those in all things related to the decor. From the table set to crockery to the flowers and everything in between. Of course, you can always opt for mixing and matching flowers and decorations allowing for a more playful and more modern approach. Keep in mind though, that the simpler the decorations, the better.
  6. And what about the Music? There is no party without Music and for this, you need to compile a great Playlist. Surely, you must have a different kind of music for when you welcome your guests or while you enjoy the feast and a totally different List of songs for when eating is over and you leisurely enjoy a drink or two.
  7. Put Your Best Smile On, Enjoy and Have Fun! Even if things go wrong and mishaps occur don’t forget to overcome them with a bright smile! after all, your guests are people who love you (see why we need to keep the guest list short?). So put your smile on and enjoy the company of your family and friends!!

Christmas Plate Set

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