The Health Benefits of Honey are amazing and we take a look at them.

The Health Benefits of Honey!

Honey is among nature’s finest gifts and it’s a natural sweetener too.  When adding it to your diet it brings many health benefits and positive effects to the human body.Humans first discovered honey about 10.000 years ago. When they bumped into a wild beehive by accident and they tasted the contents of it. The Egyptians were the first to cultivate bees and practice beekeeping systematically. For most of the ancient civilisations, Honey was considered to be the food of Gods.

The Magic of Its Composition

It is in its powerful composition that all its magic is contained. It is primarily composed of about 82% of Carbohydrates such as fructose and glucose. Because bees use certain enzymes to produce it, those enzymes are found in great amount and when passed in the human body they are converted into a number of Proteins and amino acids. Honey is also full of Vitamins and Minerals and the most important group of antioxidants it contains is the Flavonoids. This formidable composition delivers excellent healing and medicinal effects on the human body. The Health Benefits of Honey are numerous and have been known to humans for centuries.

Health Benefits of Honey

  • Boosting the immune system. With such a great number of important antioxidants in honey, adding a spoon of it to your daily diet helps your body fight off the free radical damage. This means that honey not only heals the cells, keeping them in a better condition, making you look younger and being healthier but it also supports the body in a more spherical way. Antioxidants help fight diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer too. It enhances the immune system and it functions as protection against viruses and infections.
  • Nature’s Healthy Sweetener. Full in glucose and fructose, it is a lot sweeter than sugar. This means that when you substitute sugar with honey you end up taking less sugar and you opt for a healthier, natural sweetener.  Try replacing sugar with honey in fruit salads, your tea, pancakes, and syrups and you will experience the health benefits of it almost immediately.
  • It’s a great source of  Energy. Because of its composition, its natural sugars fructose and glucose can be easily absorbed by the body and they are fast converted into proteins and minerals supercharging your performance rapidly. This is why it is a great choice for it to be included in breakfast or prior/after workouts or highly demanding physical jobs.
  • Natural Healing for Coughing and Sore Throat. Ever since the ancient times, people have noticed the soothing capacities of honey when it came to coughing and a sore throat. Add it to your hot cup of tea. Or make a typical remedy for coughing and sore throat, by adding a spoon of honey into a cup of warm water, then adding a few drops of lemon juice too, and you have yourself one of the best homemade syrups for coughing.
  • Healing Wounds, Burns and Ulcers.  This too has been known to humans for thousands of years. Because of its powerful antibacterial capacity, it is known to be spread over wounds. It thus creates a protected environment which wards off bacteria, keeps the wounds clean and ensures that they are healed properly. In addition, by boosting the immune system it accelerates the healing process.

Wrapping Up

Honey, the liquid gold along with Olive Oil are two of nature’s most valuable treasures. They are sources of tremendous nutritious value, delivering superb Health Benefits to those adding them to their diet.

Until next time, Stay Healthy and Add some Euzoea to your life!





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