Tips and Remedies to follow when trying to ward off the Common Cold

Tips on how to Fight The Common Cold

Autumn is the season when we tend to suffer more from it and we look for ways to Fight the Common Cold.

And though it keeps recurring every year, it is far from easy to get over it and ward it off.

Keeping warm, eating well and getting some rest is a great start. But what else can we add to our everyday routine to make sure the Cold persists as little as possible?

First of all, let us point out one significant thing! A visit to the doctor is the best thing you can do – follow their advice and things will get back to normal.

But once you get home from the visit to the doctor there are a few rules.

Useful tips that you can follow:

  1. Make sure you Hydrate. In cases of fever, the body gets dehydrated more easily so this is where fluids come in for the rescue. But even if it is a common cold with no fever at all, fluids are offer immense help. Plain old water, juices or even tea help your body recover. Vegetable juices are very nutritious and so are fruit juices. Orange juice is filled with vitamin and warm apple juice with cinnamon can go a long way when it comes to reviving an exhausted organism. Drinking warm tea with honey and lemon is an excellent choice. You can even drink warm water with honey and lemon. It’s this wonderful, magical and very powerful combination of honey and lemon that can propel a faster recovery. This is because the beverage not only does it hydrate the body but it also helps keep warm and it even soothes a sore throat. (which is a common symptom of the Cold). The same goes for soups. They are very nutritious, they hydrate the body, soothe the throat and they even boost the immune system. They are easy to digest so they can only benefit a tired and exhausted organism.
  2. Fight Stuffiness. Yet another uncomfortable symptom of a Cold! It often is experienced along with migraines, headaches, coughing and of course with a sore throat making the whole experience entirely unbearable. So how can we fight stuffiness?? Blow your nose as often as needed. What is more, having steamy hot showers help clear the sinuses and even hydrate the body.
  3. Rest, Rest, Rest!! And yes, get some more rest! There is nothing like an exhausted immune system that can’t catch a break! Be nice to your body- give it some help to recover. So just for a day or two, lay low, allow yourself to be thrilled by a good book, catch up on the latest tv series and movies and just do nothing. Allow your system to direct its energy and focus solely on fighting off the cold!




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