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This is the story of two friends.  Vasilis and Nikos are both experienced entrepreneurs and share the same passion for fine, authentic, delicious Greek food. (Who doesn’t?) And it all started as they discovered the precious Greek food treasures of Greece.

Their true love for quality food inspired them to create EUZOEA, a London-based Food company. They began liaising with local producers and selecting some of the most premium products found in Crete. They ventured in packaging authentic, free of additives, delicious Greek food and bringing it to consumers at fantastic prices. Introducing Greece’s rich culinary heritage to the world. Bringing the traditional ingredients constituting the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet to those who can appreciate gastronomy and high-quality culinary experiences.


At EUZOEA, we share a deep respect for nature and we have a profound passion for the fine food ingredients we produce and share with the world. Having in mind the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet we supervise our producers´ practices to ensure that their methods are in harmony with the highest standards of environmental excellence.
Our products’ high quality is a result of teamwork; as we have developed strong, mutually supportive and trustworthy relationships with our local producers.
Most importantly though, it is due to our respect towards our customers and their significance to us that we strive to bring to them some of the finest products available on our Island. We wish to inspire our customers to lead a healthy lifestyle through promoting a healthier Diet and healthier habits. We are here to help them achieve that!


We are dedicated to delivering Fine Food products of a premium gastronomic and nutritious value. We ensure that our customers enjoy the Finest of Cretan Foods. These come to you from a carefully selected network of local collaborators and producers. It is of primary significance to us to continually encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle similar to the Mediterranean one. We wish to delightfully surprise our customers by providing them with top-quality, tasteful products. Our aim is to expand our range of products to spread moments of well-being and tastefulness to a wider range of people.

At EUZOEA we embrace the highest standards of excellence and entrepreneurial integrity. We believe that by supporting our producers, we enforce and sustain the traditional production methods of small, local businesses.


EUZOEA Fine Food Products help people boost a healthier and more balanced diet. Along with our continuous guidance, tips and tricks we walk our clients through an introduction of the Mediterranean lifestyle and cuisine. We inspire the world to become happier, healthier and more content by delivering useful advice and insight on what establishes EUZOEA ( a state of great health, well-being and content).  We provide simple solutions through our useful articles and we take pride in heralding a never-ending struggle and inspiration towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Not only by providing people with great premium food products promoting health but also with supporting local producers and promoting a holistic approach of happiness and well-being.

Join us on this Journey to Health, Happiness and Deliciously Good Food!

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